Top 5 Classic Music Videos From Northern Uganda Artistes That Ugandans Need To Watch

Posted on May 09, 2019
By Brian Skillz

The growth of Ugandan music is hitting all dimensions of the country's regions, though most of us only focus on music and artistes from the central region.

With Northern Uganda being one of the regions that are embracing the Ugandan music at a very fast rate, in fact, the only Music played from the Northern part of Uganda is 80% Ugandan music with Lingala and some other foreign genre of music fighting for the remaining 20%. 

The artistes from Northern Uganda take music seriously since the home support for their music is super high, they now reach for quality audios and videos.

Below are some of the Top 5 classic music videos from Northern Uganda artistes;

5.Weng Nono By Eddy Wizzy


4.Sweet Love By Twisky Fingaz

Twisky Fingaz is an RnB Artiste, coming from the West Nile subregion of Northern Uganda. He is rated as one of the top big brands in the game. This video of his song Sweet Love was released last year 2018. Directed by Woko Derrick of Toltape Films.


3. Gwe Abinkubya By Free Boy

He is another West Nile product. Free Boy and Twisky are ranked in the same league. Super talented with good vocal ability.

The video of this song of his was shot by one of Africa's most trusted video director, Jordan Hoechlin. Jordan has been behind most of Fik Fameica's music videos like; Property and others.


2. Amoko Tam By Pine Avenue 5

Rich Okot is one of the Ugandan who believes in quality work regardless of how much money he needs to part with to achieve the quality he wants.

He is the CEO of Pine Avenue 5, a record label based in Gulu, Northern Uganda. For starters, let us remind you about this underdog record label. In 2017 Hipipo music award, this music label won the category for the Best Music Group in Uganda beating the likes of Radio and Weasel, and Kent and Flosso, it was the year when Voltage music was on fire. However, Pine took the category home.

Amoko Tam is the video that came out a year after their best success 2018, shoot and directed by Ark Menz


1. Take Over By Eezzy

Signed to Purple Chord of Naira Ali, Eezzy is a masterpiece dance hall artiste from Northern Uganda with a future to represent Ugandan music at a global market if given the support without volongoto.

His lyrical skills are measured in Tons of Tons. The music video right here is classic.  Directed by Zyga Phix

So, these are our Top 5 music videos from Northern Uganda.



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