Promoter JacobTrigger Gets Triggered By Pasha Amaro's Boobs

Posted on May 08, 2019
By Brian Skillz

JacobTrigger a Northern Uganda online promoter and influencer is finding no rest after sharing a close moment with west Nile's songbird Pasha Amaro.

The two met some weeks back during an event in Gulu and the moment got the promoter on.

JacobTrigger had to pull off the burning issues in his heart on his Facebook page, praising the God gifted Pasha.

Surely Pasha has one of the sexiest boobs and voice. Standing next to her takes courage and only courageous hynas can stand her.

This is the reasons to why Jacobtrigger got pulled down, one of the commenter says, Pasha's boobs cause cum disease

''Silver Dee The kind of boobs that make u cum in 10secs''



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