5 Things Guys Think They Know About Girls But They Don't

1.They use PMS as a “get out of jail free” card.

Guys seem to think that girls use their period as an excuse to get out of everything. I have heard countless—I repeat, COUNTLESS—guys complain about the fact that women get a “get out of jail free card” during that time of month. These same guys complain about how girls constantly bitch about everything. They think PMS is only a psychological frame of mind. OK, there is no pretty way to say this next part: When you are bleeding for days from your womb, you have a right to complain. PMS is a real thing, and the pain that comes with it is also very real.

2. Only sluts enjoy sex.

This may cause you to gasp in shock, but women enjoy sex—if it’s done right—just as much as men do. Why is there such a stigma against women having casual sex or one-night stands and enjoying it? Women are usually placed into two categories in the eyes of a man. Either she is a Madonna (a representation of Mary, not the pop singer) or she is a whore, which is self-explanatory. Since when have there been only two types of women? Men want to marry a lady in public and a lady in the bedroom; however, once they commit to this they lose the sense of excitement his wife first gave him as a “Madonna.” This is absolute bullsh*t; women are neither carbon copies of the “Madonna” nor the “whore.” they can be ladies and like to have casual sex at the same time—mind-boggling, I know.

3. They cry too much.

Yes, women have feelings and yes, They  choose to express them. But that does not mean that is all they do. they are not walking tear ducts ready to burst at any moment—they do hold some self-control. Yes, they do have unreal amounts of estrogen flowing through our veins, but that does not mean they automatically turn into uncontrollable sprinkler systems every time they see a wide-eyed toddler.

4. Girls only like bad boys.

The widely known saying, “Girls only like bad boys,” goes hand-in-hand with “good guys finish last.” Most of the time girls gravitate toward bad guys because they are simply more interesting than the fedora-clad losers who inevitably get friendzoned. The reason why they divert away from these “good guys” is simple: They. Are. Boring. You need to step up your game and play hard-to-get at times. No one—guys included—is interested in a significant other who just kisses their ass and agrees with everything they say. So if you are one of the “good guys” that gets friendzoned, just think about altering your approach. And for the love of God, ditch that fedora.

5. therer worlds revolve around you.


I realize that some of you may take this a bit hard, but gentlemen, agirls world do not revolve around you. For you Facebook stalkers and Twitter junkies out there, please understand that not every post is about you. Women have lives outside of thier romantic endeavors (who would have thought?), and those preconceived notions men have about women pining over some “Prince Charming” all day are ignorantly false. Our “they miss you” posts probably do not pertain to the fact that you failed to text back. their goldfish may have died. they could be reminiscing over Ghirardelli’s peppermint bark that only comes out once a year.

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