I Never Tested Any Campus Juice While At Campus Because I Lacked A Room- JK Kazoora

Posted on Apr 18, 2019
By Site admin

It is a rare occurrence for a normal campuser to leave campus without taking some female juice test practicals, but JK Kazoora says, he was one of those few campusers who never ever split any lady into bed test while at the campus.

He claims he never set his eyes on any juice between the ladies' legs in his campus life.

He was speaking at the 10th annual MUBS hospitality day, he opened up about his experience at Makerere University Business School (MUBS) by revealing that he did not sleep with any girl during his first semester at the Nakawa based campus because he was broke like a church mouse.

 “If Jerry had a girlfriend visiting, I would go, then wait for them to finish and I come back and sleep. I never bonked anybody in MUBS because I didn’t have a room. Do you understand? So we used to share that ka small bed in my first semester,” Kazoora confessed.

Kazoora was a popular entertainment figure during his time at campus, we still wonder how he managed to balance the boat minus sinking....???


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