Preacher Man Beats Up A Deejay Over Failure To Play His Song

Posted on Apr 15, 2019
By Brian Skillz

The latest reaching our desk shows that a singer from Gulu known as Preacher Man has been banned from accessing one of the bars in Gulu over a fight.

Bj Bar in Gulu has banned the now struggling dance hall artiste - Preacher Man from chilling at their premises after he was captured in a fight with their Dj over failure to play his song.

From sources, Preacher Man confronted the Dj on 6th April when he went to take some chill at the bar as he listened to hit songs from  the region. He was shocked that, his songs couldn't make it on the hitting list of the Dj, something that annoyed him to walk to the Dj's box to demand the night Dj to also play his song.

Before the Dj could explain, Preacher Man picked a table and throw at him sparking a fight.

It is on the base that, the Management of Bj Bar has official banned Preacher Man and they have put a strong warning against his attempt to try accessing the venue. 

Preacher Man has been a regular fighter in happening joints around GULU and his fellow artists feel, it is wrong for his brand image.


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