Anne Kansiime Endorsed As Host Of A New Reality TV Series In East Africa

Posted on Apr 10, 2019
By Site admin

Something landed at the compound of the Ugandan queen of Comedy, Anne Kansiime.

Yes, Anne is so excited about her new achievement that has landed on her last night while in Kenya.

It is reported that she knocked a deal to be among the host of a new East African version of the famous Got Talent reality TV series.

Kansiime sealed the deal with the association of the iconic show in Nairobi.

Am so happy and excited to announce my association with an iconic show which has been lauded as the world’s most successful reality TV franchise as the HOST.

These were some of the words we saw on her social media handle as she threw her excitement on her fans.

Anne informs us that, this talent reality show will attract talents across Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania.





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