Ndejje University Blocks Hon. Zake From Preaching People Power Ideology At Their Guild Campaigns

Posted on Apr 05, 2019
By Site admin

Hon Zake has today been blocked by his former University - Ndejje University from entering the university's promises to attend the Guild Campaigns.

At 2 pm Hon. Francis Zake approached Ndejje Unversity's Main campus's gate in an attempt to excess the university premise to rally support for a People Power Guild candidate.

To his dismay, his former institution denied him access to the university he once attended. They instructed him to leave but Zake refused to claim that he is an alumni and entitled to visit the university at any time. 

This caused a scuffle which forced the office of the Dean to shut down the Open Air campaign prematurely.

An insider within the University's admin tipped us that, the university did all that to prevent Zake from preaching hard PeoplePower politics which the University can't risk being put on the spot for supporting active politics.


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