Your Ego Led To The Killing Of An Innocent Man-Bebe Cool Blast Hon Nantaba

Posted on Mar 29, 2019
By Site admin

Bebe Cool has joined the group of Ugandans who have been condemning the Minister For ICT Hon Idah Nantaba over the killing of her alleged assassin Ronald Sebulime.

Ronald was killed on Sunday by some police officers after Nantaba reported that, he was trailing her and wants to assassinate her.

Most Ugandans who followed the story upto the day Police came out and claimed the blame for killing an innocent Ugandan, have condmned the Nantaba.

In defence, Nantaba has refused to own any blame or apology to the family of Sebulime. She says she can not apologize because she still believes Ronald was guilty of the crime.

Bebe Cool has now come out to blast the minister for being egocentric. Bebe says, Nantaba should apologize to the family of Sebulime.

''Morning fam, Hon Nantaba pliz whereas one may understand your security concerns,it would be wise you go and apologize to the family of the late Sebulime because your ego led to the killing of an innocent man and a single father,sit down with UGANDA police and set up a trust fund for his children's education and well being.Your story will make more sense when you show remorse.' Bebe posted

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