Vinka Takes Side With Sheebah And Tells Cindy The Whole Truth

Posted on Mar 20, 2019
By Site admin

The battle for the best Ugandan female artist is currently on-going between Sheebah and Cindy's camp. The two camps have been exchanging words on the social media platforms for almost a week...hitting at each other.

Sheebah and Cindy have been the only females at the frontline of this but it seems Vinka has as well jetted in to add more pain to the wounds.

Vinka came out this evening with a blastful post directed to Cindy for calling the females artists in Uganda under record labels dummies.

She says, Cindy should respect others..........below is part of her post.

Vinka-I do not like fights and cheap popularity, never have I raised my voice at even a single statement that comes at me!! Not picking sides or anything but this was so DISRESPECTFUL!!
Why do we as women have to undermine each other just for publicity!! How are we gonna represent Uganda on the Globe 🌍 f we can’t respect each other!! Calling US dummies was UNCALLED FOR!! All artists need teams n that’s a FACT

Cindy made the statement when she was hosted on one Tv show in Uganda last month..............

Here is the video............


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