You Are The Artists Pulling Northern Ugandan Music Backward- Video Director Linas Blasts Liama,Tempra Omona And Wizzy

Posted on Mar 18, 2019
By Site admin

Linas of Signature Films Gulu is one celebrity personality who doesn't open mouth anyhow on issues that do not concern him but today, some Gulu artists had to receive his bitter blast. 

The Video director came out with a mock blast at the artists who graced the Mtn Ug Expo event that happened over the weekend in Gulu at Pece Stadium as Mtn celebrated its 20 years existence in the Uganda Telecominaction business. 

He says these artists acted too low to accept mere 200k from a big company like Mtn Ug...and they should not claim to be big yet they can accept such peanuts.

The Gulu based artists who performed on the event are the likes of  Liama, Tempra Omona, Eddy Wizzy, and among others.

Here is what Linas thought about them....................

Now, we still cannot establish whether the video Director was hitting a beef note on either Liama, Tempra Omona or Eddy Wizzy......But we shall keep you posted.



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