I want to to Pump Holy Sense in Cuts B Head - Bro Charles

Posted on Mar 14, 2019
By Derrick Passy
Bro Charles an upcoming Gospel artist from Nebbi is currently very annoyed at his Comrade Cuts B aka the Dancehall Assasyn who claimed He's the only Dancehall Artist in Westnile. Whole appearing on Radio Paidha, Cuts B said his threat is Only Dwayne Gabana though he still leads. In a Long letter emailed to us, Bro Charles has this Arguments "Nextime if he's giving out speeches during such interviews he should give differences between the secular artist and gospel artist I believe he cannot battle me on side of every artist who do gospel dancehall music. 2- he must know that this is my generation's but the generation's of the old's are soon gonna fade out for I believe this is the right time for people of westnile should know that this is the right time for them to know that God already appointed me and chosen me to come forth and let change in westnile gospel musical industries on side of Entertainments. 3- This is also the right time to every secular artist (Cuts B)to know that we gospel artist of this generations we are highly anointed and appointed to take all top posts in westnile musical entertainment. 3- why are my saying this most a time our young generation's never know that we can do such ente entertainment In our churches henceforth youths to denied salvations, because I do thing gospel songs are boring that's why they ending up they chose wrong paths. 4- so I wanna let every one that including my Brother Cut B that I'm here ready to bring Avery hug change in gospel entrainment sector's because music is not only source of making money for me neither music is not just source of making entertainments for me but music is God's calling unto my life. 5- I can't allow anymore that only our secular artist to be the only to take all top positions in westnile musical industries especially inside of Entertainment sectors. I'm here to work hard always to ensure that each and every should come to know that's westnile gospel artist of this generations are not asleep.but we are ready to take westnile gospel music reach higher levels which all others artists had never thought off before especially on entertainments. - what does the Bible say .? do not let any one device you with foolish words;@aEphisians 5:6. - No more lying in our musical industries @ Ephisian 4:25. so I do believe that my Brother Cut B was lying the public yet he never knew that already westnile musical industries had got new talents who are willing and ready to take the first positions in westnile gospel music on the side's of Entertainment sectors. # Bro Charles. 6- As I believe that our morden ways of doing gospel music is always going higher and higher across all continents so shall it be on our westnile gospel musical industries too.becouse I do believe this is gonna be also another ways of bringing more ghetto youths in to salvation. So my last message BUT not the least to my Brother Cut B is that's if he want to still claim that positions unless he should change his musical Carrie into gospel musical industries off which he will not conquer Bro.Charles because as I already told you this is my generation's and of the generation's to come which is my children's,children's. I know what I'm telling my Brother Cut B or even to all other secular artist of westnile today some will believe but some of them will not , but still I'm.here to declare that, when all things are brought out to the light,then there true nature is clearly revealed,for anything that is clearly revealed becomes light.that's why it is said; "wake up, sleepers and rise from the death,and Christ will shine on you.


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