VIDEO: Otim Bosmic Attacked on Stage By A Fan Over Music

Posted on Mar 11, 2019
By Brian Skillz

It was another amusing day in the northern Uganda's entertainment world when Otim Bosmic came for a show performance over the weekend in Kampala.

The event that begun with fun and good entertainment turned choatic when one fan among the revellers directly attacked the Yer Dong Yer star- Otim Bosmic as soon as the mc announced that, Otim was now making his entrance on stage to entertain his awaiting fans.

The fan turned ROMURS Bar - Bokoto,the hang-out where the event was happening into a punching arena for almost 2o minutes before he was put to his place.

From eye witnesses,it seems the fan was over excited over the good music from Bosmic and couldn't believe his eyes that he was actually watching Bosmic Live from Kabaka's soil.

Catch the whole story in visuals right here,.................


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