Bebe Cool Blasts Bobi Wine's Thinking On National Matters

Posted on Mar 08, 2019
By Site admin

The fight between Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine seems yet far from hitting and end. The two have been in bitter terms after since they parted ways as music duos and friends in the past.

Bobi currently added politics to his life and has been a strong opposition, this has not been well with Bebe Cool who supports the ruling government.

Bebe Cool this morning posted a video on his facebook page and captioned it:

"Happy women's day to you all but Mr Kamara you wont go to heaven because the GDP is of the OTT certainly because impunity kyaligonza economy's freedom young people.
Kamara Kamara Kamara.''


The video was got from a clip of the Tv interview Bobi was hosted on last night on NTV Forth Estate program by Kamara.



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