South Sudaneses Artiste Riak Riak's Concert Registers 4 People In Attendance

Posted on Feb 18, 2019
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Riak Riak is the South Sudanese rapper based in Australia, he rose to fame when social media caught up with video of his song - How you want me to and made it a big joke about it....However Riak took it serious and thought it was love people had for his music.

Riak put up a concert over the weekend,to his dismay, he only got four people who showed up at at the Caravan Music club in Melbourne.

As reported, his concert was brought to public attention in January by Tripple M radio station in Melbourne and with great expectations, he thought he would earn himself good money from a mass that follows his music on YouTube but sadly the concert flopped.

We are told the four attendees were his producer, a co-rapper and 2 fans who found themselves swallowed by the venue. The concert was scheduled to start at 9:pm Australian time till late in the night but they had to cancel it at 12:15am after the hall was only occupied by 6 people, that’s Riak, his Dj and the four attendees.

Speaking to Tripple M on Sunday morning, Riak refused to explain what went wrong and ended the interview saying that his haters conspired and that the community hates his success. The source revealed that Riak walked out of the station when he felt bugged enough with questions regarding his flopped concert.

The reports disclose that apart from his producer and co-rapper, the other two attendees were compensated 50 Australian Dollars each as it was the charge per head. This is not the first time his concert flopped, in 2017 he entertained a number estimated to be less than 50 after a heavy promotion of his concert.

It looks like people are tired of listening to his voice or perhaps his fans are just on the internet showing him fake love. Last year, the Rapper mentioned about his music tour in South Sudan and we hope to get in with him touch to inquire if he is still at it or there is a change of mind.

Here is Riak Riak If you hadn't watched his music video and known him................


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