How Often Lovers Should Have Sex

Posted: 16/Feb/2019 Views : 698
How Often Lovers Should Have Sex

How much sex makes people happiest? Is there a magic number of times per week the average couple should aim for to keep both partners happy in bed and out?

New studies reveal all sorts of interesting – and contradictory - evidence on how much sex contributes to long-term relationship satisfaction.

According to experts, having sex every day doesn't necessarily make a couple happier or closer,

If forced to generalise about how often the ‘average’ couple have sex, once a week is probably the best estimate you’re going to get.

Couples who have sex four or more times a week aren’t any happier than those who does it weekly.

The longer you go without sex, the more the pressure is on to have sex for longer next time.

It gives you energy to run alonger marathon session, that is ever couples desire when having sex.

So, do it once a week to spice up your sex life.

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