Common Social Media Habits Of Cheating Partners

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Common Social Media Habits Of Cheating Partners

A grown man or woman knows when to put the phone down and bond with the people around them. A cheater on the hand will always be busy typing away while grinning in excitement whenever they see their phone light up. If your partner is always chatting with people you do not even know, then it is about time the two of you called it quits.

1. They are always talking to people you have never heard of.

2. Anytime you comment on their post, they ignore it so no one can tell the two of you are an item.

3. You realize he is constantly interacting with a specific lady daily.

4. His profile says he is single and ready to mingle.

 5. Her notification alerts are always popping up even during odd hours of the night.

6. There is always a particular guy who refers to her as bae on her comment section.

7. Her messaging apps are all password protected.

8. He puts the phone down every time you walk into the room.

 9. She always makes plans without you and lies she went to a girls’ night out.

 10. His friends act surprised when you refer to him as bae on social media.

11. He never leaves the phone behind whenever he visits the bathroom.

12. She stopped posting photos of the two of you together.

 13. She unfriends you on social media out of the blues.

14. Her WhatsApp messages are always deleted.

15. His ex is always hitting him up.

16. All photos of the two of you are deleted without warning.

 17. He keeps referring to the chick on his profile picture as his lady.

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