Gov’t Asked To Reduce Condom Prices As Demands Sky Rock On Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day also called Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, to celebrate romantic love, Ugandans always make this day as a day of Love making as they join the rest of the world to commemorate it.

Health partners in the fight against HIV/AIDS are now calling upon the government to ban pricing tags on condoms or slash prices to amounts affordable by the lowest income bracket in the country.

“It is a concern to us and we have been advocating the Ministry of Health to ensure that it increases its spending on health from 7% to 15%. Once you fail to hit that 15% mark, it means you will not be able to meet these basic services”, Henry Magala, the Country Programmes Director, Uganda Cares said.

Henry says the cheapest condom in Uganda goes for Shs2000 which a low earning Ugandan can’t afford and this makes accessibility and affordability of the devices difficulty.

Magala further notes that distributing condoms at no cost will help in the fight against HIV/AIDS since it’s cheaper to prevent compared to the cost of treatment per person. Condoms, if used correctly and consistently prevent the spread of STDs and unwanted pregnancy.

The government distributes free condoms at public health centres. However, convenience is lacking.

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