I don't have Corona Virus (COVID-19) - Chandiru Leila Cries Loud

Unhappy feeling is what can best describe Legendary Female Artist Chandiru Leila"s moods now.

Chandiru claims, She has been Facing Stigma in the last 24 hrs after rumors have been spreading around pinning her of being Positive of the Pandemic Corona Virus COVID-19.

While Speaking to westnilexpozed.com this afternoon, Leila narated that, " She has been receiving several Messages & Calls from Friends In & around as far as Moyo District demanding to know Whether she has surely tested Covid-19 Positive as the rumour is spreading like a Bush fire".

Mesmerized Chandiru also adds that, People are nowadays fearing to stay with her following the false allegation which she terms as Baseless lies. "I feel so bad that people are fearing to chill with me yet I'm a Socialite, I Love to stay with people. The stories running around about me is totally False. I'm Fine" She Concluded. 

Leila needs no Introduction as she's behind songs like Emgbeleke, Asionzi, Agupi Mani, Malaya Nyama, Anguyo etc

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