Music Duo Chicco Wayne & Dukla Part Ways, Chicco Remains Alone
Sad News that may hit hard the fans of the Once Strong upcoming westnile music Duo Chicco Wayne and Dukla UG & they may have to cope up with it is about the departure of the two musically. Words reaching this evening has it that, Dukla UG has decided to give a chill to active music citing work Pressures which has left Chicco Wayne as the Only Standing Soldier. According to a Post on Optimistic Chicco Wayne's Facebook account, He has Informed his fans of the next Project called Omba Omba Which he says will be out soon. While talking to, Chicco has also Opened up on the list of songs he'll release in 2020 as follows, Omba omba with Producer Yung Jay, Don't Go & Alio With Producer Joshman of Malcom Records & Let me know With Producer Yung Jay. Chicco Wayne who is also known as Playboy 243 together with Dukla UG have been behind songs like Alio, Enyamari (Black Sugar), Talanta featuring Derrick Passy & Monopoly & Enya Coti featuring Rappa

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