Uganda Government Orders Closure Of Schools Over Corona Virus


Through a Nation Address, H.E Yoweri K Museveni, the President of the Republic of Uganda gave a directive for all public gatherings to be banned for 32 days to give the government time to monitor the spread of COVID 19 Corona Virus.

Museveni first shared the critical decision with religious leaders at State House Entebbe on Monday in a crisis meeting. The meeting had the Inter-Religious Council (IRCU) Council of Presidents in attendance, Heads of the Ministry of Health, and specialists from the medical fraternity.

The President has now instructed the religious leaders to stop holding prayers with their followers for 32 days, however, advised them to use the media like radio stations and Tv stations to preach to their followers.

He further banned schools from operating effectively this Friday 20th March 2020.

Advising all the schools to close and send the students home effective Friday.

Other places banned in summary are ;

1-Schools closed starting this Friday for a month
2-Religious(Church/Mosque)public gatherings Banned for a month
3- Political and Cultural meetings are banned
4- No more Travels to or from affected Countries
5- Wedding Ceremonies that gather lots of people banned
6- Burials is done by immediate relatives, not for so many people
7- No more congregating in markets
8- Don't travel unless it's necessary especially if using Public Transport.
9- Clubs, Bars, Concerts, Cinemas, are banned for a month

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