Arua Artists have Seemingly run out of Talent Lately - TK Love hits the Last Nail
Unhappy feeling is what can best be used to describe the current mood of Arua One FM's famous Westnile Power Pop Program Presenter T.K Love. TK Love's annoyance comes as a result of a seemingly new trend within Arua Artists failing to be Original but Instead translating already sung songs to Lugbara. "I Wonder if writing a good song is Challenging these Arua Artists" Furious Tk Love Wondered. While talking to, TK Highly Opposes the Idea of Picking up Hitting Songs by Artists outside Westnile and turning them in Lugbara language, a trend he concludes is very bad bad & Killing Arua Music. For the Record, Many Arua based Artists have lately been involved in Cover Songs Among Others Include Young Lemon with Suzana (Todii), P.I.G with Atoti, Andu Frank with Alemi ji (Ça Bouge Pas), Yama Gal with Alemi (By the Way), Rappa Blutit with Tomato Sauce (Financial Woman) & Okoto (Totori), Pizaz & Bunker with Mama (Mario), Yaga Ranking with Asi Mani (Reason with Me), J Mylz with Tutu (Gutujja) Among others. Most of the Artists Involved in such have always argued that, they do this to prove the Owners, they can do it better than them as Composers.

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