Madi And Alur Are The Most Organized Entertainment Communities In West Nile- Derrick Passy Praise Madi Night

Madi Night episodes has unarguably become one the Biggest,Fonkiest, Most Celebrated and well attended Night Organised In & around the city.


last weekend saw the sixth Edition being held at Kansanga Based Twisters Longue as it was dubbed "The Return Of The Red Cup".


As always, The Sixth Edition had The Red Carpet Session, Free Photography & Exclusive Interviews in Addition to the Great Performance from the Home Artists like D'reign legacy, Among others concluded by Sunni Sago.


It was Hosted by Dj Mike Blaze, Dj Coinz, MC Zzani & Tonny Luvh MC.

The best highlight of the night was the fact that the night was attended not only by the Madis but also Kuku, Lugbara, Alur, Aringas and many other westnile connected tribes.


Derrick Passy of & Passy Avenue who attended the event for the first time said, "The Madi and Alur & Communities are the most organized & United group of People around the city something that makes their Nights and Get-togethers always admired by other tribes.



He Highly Recommended the Event and also Urged Westnilers to always Stick Together and support each other".


Previous episodes of Madi Nights took place in Valhalla Bar and Restaurant - wandegeya, Club Mars - Banda, Club Emrah - Kamokya and the Dawn in Kansanga.

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