I did not shoot Blank Shots. I scored In - Jerry Peacock Boasts
Canan Jody Jerry aka Jerry Peacock a legendary Artist of the long time Peacock Family Music Group is currently in Cloud 9 after Joining the Father's union for the second time. According to information obtained by westnilexpozed.com, Bouncing Baby Girl Precious Mwema joined the world on Tuesday 3/3/2020, 12:10 PM by C section at Mulago Specialised Women's Hospital, Gold Section. Good news is that, Mother Lucy and Baby Precious Mwema are both doing fantastically well. Baby Mwema is Jerry Peacock's second child after Rayvon born who was born on 25/08/2015. From here, We wish to Congratulate Artist Jerry, Mummy Lucy & Join the two in Welcoming Baby Mwema to the world of Hustle.

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