Ten Years of DJ OK Cancelled, New Date To Be Announced.

Promoters Pushing Ten years of Dj OK party that was earlier scheduled to be on 23rd February at Tokyo Lounge Bukoto are left scratching their heads endlessly.


Speaking to an insider in Dj OK camp who preferred anonymity, She revealed to westnilexpozed that DJ OK is so disappointed in some promoter who at first showed ghost interests and then parked him to handle everything.



Nevertheless, the pencil sized DJ is determined and vowed to replan everything a fresh. When contacted he assured the public that the party will happen no matter what. "Am calling upon artists , fellow DJs , sponsors , well wishers to support me in this journey and the main purpose for this party is to give back to the community." He added. Who is DJ OK. He is an Alur DJ from Nebbi.


In Early 2000s attended Nebbi Primary ,Later Joined Mpigi Rahuza Islamic school for his Secondary level.



His passion for Music started way back when he was still a child. Around 2009 he became one famous DJ for 'Keny' traditional marriage , and then later Joined DJ Sienigah Academy for Upgrade.



He has worked with Alpha Beach Nebbi, Matonge, Jam Vibez, S4K Sports Bar Entebbe, La' Bamba Spice Mpererwe Road, Lambertini UMA , Club X among others.


He is one DJ whose Relationship status is still under investigation, and its not clear whether he is dating a human being or something else because he has always remained tight lipped when asked about his status.

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