Gavana Bravo Allegedly In Big Trouble For Playing Tricks

News landing our desk indicates that, Pakwach based music artiste and CEO Gavana Pain Records, Gavana Bravo is likely to test the coolers this year after a case of theft by trick has been heard making rounds in some ka corridors and the complaint is about to hit the Police to register it.



It is alleged that, the Yambi hit maker , Gavana is on the wanted list of one Peterson Olweny who is threatening to register a case with Police to hunt down Gavana who sold to him dead studio equipments.


Peterson claims that he paid Bravo huge sums of money to buy off his Gavana Pain Records but to his surprise he found, all studio equipments he bought from Gavana Bravo bad shape after payments. The CPU had no hard disk, dead sound card controller plus many others. On finding out, he reached out to Bravo…but Bravo instead became arrogant and told him to stop disturbing his peace.



He says, at the time of purchase, Gavana did not allow him to test the machines on claims that there was no power at the studio on the very day of pickup of these studio equipments.



 A source further says, Peterson says, he trusted Gavana Bravo since he was approached by Producer Jose who had used the very equipment before.   


I think he hid the good studio equipments and sold me dead ones. I will find him and make him pay for this- Peterson was heard crying in corridors.


We shall follow this story for you.

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