I Sing And Invest, Bang Raa Eezzy Blast Fellow Artistes For Poor Investment As He Starts Up A Poultry Farm

Posted on Feb 11, 2020
By Prosper

As many artistes do not think of future investments while still on top, Eeezy has refused to join the wagon.



The Northern Uganda Artiste of the Year 2019 has now entered into poultry farm as a way of investing the money he bags from the show bookings.





The Bang Raa hitmaker says, it is worthless for an artiste to hit and fail to invest into some side business.

He further said, he has openned the poultry farm as an investment and back up for his music career.



Eezzy at his poultry farm[photo]



Eezzy last year gifted himself with a Toyota Wise to easy his logistics during upcountry shows.




The farm is reportly located in Koro,Northern Uganda,Gulu District, and it  produces around 12 treys of eggs daily for the musician. 



We are still not sure how much has been invested in this farm but sources has it that, the farm costed him a huge volume of money.


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