Bush Boy Shoots Ubedi Video [Photo]

Posted: 10/Feb/2020 Views : 882
Bush Boy Shoots Ubedi Video [Photo]

The self proclaimed King of Alur Music, Bushy Da King can't stop giving his music fans the best of him. 


Bush Boy has now alerted us that, he is done shooting the music video of his last hit song '' Ubedi'' 


Saying it is going to be among the best music videos in Uganda. We asked how much the shots costed him, he simply told us to try looking at the photos taken during the shots and we shall know that, it was not a joke to shoot 'Ubedi'


Some sources claimed Bush Boy spent over 5 Million Uganda shillings on this video.



We had look for something pics taken at the shoot, luckly eneough, we came across some through a reliable source. 

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