On Behalf of all women, I Want Public Apology from LP Shaady Over his Imbe song - G.A Swagga

If you thought the saga sorrounding latest LP Shaady's "Imbe" song is done & dusted, then you are definitely wrong. Definitely wrong as per Senior Woman Rapper herself, The battle is far from over yet.



According to reliable information we've received this evening, Westnile's Sole Female Rapper in West Nile "G.A Swagga" the Self Proclaimed Senior Woman Rapper has Decided after a long thought to seek for a Legal Redress after Shameful & Embarrassing lyrics she was sung in among others by Self Proclaimed Music Messiah LP Shaady in his latest "Imbe" song loosely translated as you lick.



westnilenilexpozed.com has learnt that, After finding it hard to bear the Shame in the lyrics, G.A Swagga has Decided to Seek for Services of a yet to be identified Lawyer.



" Through my Lawyer, LP Shaady will receive his summon letter tomorrow or by Thursday. All I want from him is Public Apology because the song is a big Embarrassment to the Woman Nature. If He fails to do so within A Week's period then I'll Register this as a Legal Case & Live the rest for the Courts of Law to decide our fate.

Much as the song doesn't play on the Radios, it has gone wide through the internet because it plays in the clubs, Video libraries & many spots " Says hurt & annoyed G.A Swagga while having a telephone interview with westnilexpozed.com.



We are Keeping a Keen Eye on this Development as we promise to live no Stone unturned.

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