VIDEO: Bobi Wine Is Too Stingy - Otim Bosmic Reveals Shocking Details

The People Power fraternity was left in shock a few days back when one of their coordinator for Northern Uganda Otim Bosmic was seen having some good moments with H.E Yoweri Museveni. 



The photos caused alot of controvesies in the corridors. To make it more controversial, Otim's name again appeared on the performance list of entertainers that performed at the NRM Delagate days after the photos...something that made it clear to many that he had changed his political faith.



However, Otim has come out today in a video saying, he has his reasons for taking such a disappointing action, as many have painted.



He further reveals that, his life is in danger and Bobi wine also knows about it. Saying, he tried reaching out to People Power and Bobi for protection but there was nothing Bobi and his team could do to protect his life and that of his family,he then opted to play this game just to protect his life. 



''I am simply protecting my life. Bobi wine is too stingy to help me with my problems. I have spent too much money from my own account to facilitate People Power projects in Northern Uganda, Bobi could not even refund my medical bills when they hit my head during protest. Bobi Wine only knows how to Bonga people without facilitions, so you people should leave me play my game ', Bosmic 



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