I'm hurt by what untalented Shaady Sang about me & I'll Discipline him - G.A Swagga

Posted on Jan 23, 2020
By Derrick Passy

Following many calls from well-wishers & Friends to Self Proclaimed Senior Woman Rapper about a song she was Blasted in by fellow Arua Based Musician LP Shaady, Grace Anika a.k.a G.A Swagga the Self Proclaimed Senior Woman Rapper has described "Imbe" song as a total Rubbish describing LP Shaady as a usual Comedian, not a Rapper.


" Just that this time he has done his comedy in an abusive way. A person who is fine upstairs can't sing such crap & He (LP) deserves to be Arrested. He needs some little discipline & I'll deal with him the way I always deal with my Enemies which is my secret" - Hurt G.A Swagga Said.



In an Exclusive Chat with Westnilexpozed.com, She further Added that "The most disgusting words were mine Since it sounds as if I went with him to Bed.


Truth is, LP Shaady Can't do what I do, He can't earn my kind of Respect, He's not recognized but such a useless hustler who even perfoms in Panties & Boxers.

So He's not my even Matching. Music is for changing lives, not for Singing Rubbish.



I'm hurt & Annoyed Because when my Relatives hear the song, they'll think I slept with him & bored him in bed.

I wouldn't mind if he Blasted me Musically" G.A Concluded.



It should be Remembered that, LP Shaady is a limelight renowned Artist of Controversies after he had a Wrange with his former Boss Jm Kennedy over Tuhumutu a song he Claimed was stolen from by his former Boss before Starting up King Kong Music

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