What caused John Blaq and Jose Chameleon’s Accident In Paidha -REVEALED

The fans of John Blaq and Dr Jose Chameleon were left in panic when they woke up today morning of 20th Jan 2020 with news that, one of the travel vans Blaq and Jose travelled with to Paidha for a show got involved in an accident.


This sad news landed so hard on the fans to the extent that, some begun dropping a tear on seeing the van and kept asking whether their artistes were really safe?


According to sources, the van got involved in the accident at around 3 am while chasing after John Blaq who had sped off from the venue of the show Creamland Motel – Paidha after a long disagreement between him and the promoters over his outstanding balance.



John Blaq was demanding the promoters 5 Million Shillings for the show before he could step on stage to perform, but such amount was not there, the promoters pleaded in vain and opted to first give him 2 Million Shillings and the balance of 3 Million Shillings would be cleared after the performances, John Blaq did not fall for this... He immediately entered in his car and drove off with intentions of heading back to Kampala. This particular van was actually chasing after John Blaq to stop him from the disappointment of not performing after he had returned their 2 Million Shillings which was offered. The promoters got the accident in Mvugu along Arua road in Paidha town Council as they were chasing after Blaq.



One tyre burst and it caused the accident. The occupants and the driver of this van, however, did not get serious injuries but the van was left in a bad state.



John Blaq made a U-turn afterwards, came back and performed.

Source: Radio Paidha


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