Otelul Vegas Speaks out after Punching Radio Sports Show Host
Onduparaka Football Club P.R.O responds for the first time after news broke about him punching Ajai a Radio Sports Show Host in the Studio. Otelul via his Facebook has this; "I have been in the game for more than 8 years now, during this journey, some people have criticized me, and others have praised me but I have never landed my hands on anyone for the criticism, why did I do it this time? Since I left radio Pacis some years back, some listeners have always said the sports program has never been vivid like it used to be back in the days, sometimes when I step there for my own things, after all these years the listeners still call me on air to thank me, to be honest this has never gone well with some young boys at the radio, there has been a lot of personal difference the kids hold against me apart from Nyamua walter. I was the first person to welcome Vicente in the studios of radio pacis, his voice was shaky, he was trembling, he struggled to pronounce certain words, a lot of people trashed him down but all I could do was give him basics and stay close to him, his original name was Vincent, but I told him his radio name should be VICENTE, that is after former Deportivo Lacruna midfielder, I never left him out, the smallest cent in my pocket, we would shear, when I departed, the sports keys were officially handed to him, even when I was out of pacis, I kept on motivating him-if I was a selfish person and hated competition in the game, I wouldn’t have pulled the hands of Vicente. Before I had any fuss with Ajai, I told one of my friend that I admire Ajai’s command of English and word flows, I personally met him at radio pacis gate and complimented him in front of him, I told him he is improving day by day. I left radio sometime back, but I have been involved in unhealthy sports analysis competition which I have never pushed to be part of. A lot of backbiting and clique discussion against me has been going on for a very long time but I tried my best to ignore, I received pathetic screenshots of one of the guys killing my image and lowering my integrity to the fullest but I had to keep my cool, the guys have been looking for avenues to throw a rotten egg on my face but I stood my feet for a very long time. Another one shamelessly reported to the management of the radio that I collared him during the anniversary game they played against the artists, the devil is a liar indeed-the people whom we were with that day got shocked when they heard the allegation- I never replied back and I moved on. Am not alone in their lane, they are beefing certain sports analyst of another big radio for having a very big fan base, more than 3 times they have trashed him in my presence, they feel like cutting off his throat. When radio pacis lost sports quiz to Arua one, I was falsely blamed simply because I was one of the judges. One Friday I was ridiculed on air, the listeners were in sighted against me for almost 25 minutes, this completely never went right with me, personal attack after personal attack, when they received me for the Saturday sports, the guy running the show almost never wanted me to talk so that their blackmailing stays intact, I clearly told him off air, if he is not giving me time to digest my info, meaning he has something personal with me, before we could get to the nitty-gritty of my 3 minutes talk, the guy shifted to another topic and switched off my microphone, he then assured me live on air that, he owns the show and runs it. That was the moment the Mario balotelli in me came out, every human has limits for tanking trash, and the mistake I made was using a wrong boxing ring, the next movie will be at a very convenient place. Radio pacis has moved on without me, when I was there I was weighing 50 kgs, now I weigh 75 kgs, meaning I have also moved on. This whole issue is not about ONDUPARAKA FC, it’s about OTELUL as a person."

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