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Africa has been the origin of many of the world’s top footballing talents. These renowned stars are now spread throughout the globe, taking the cheers of an entire continent with them. The English Premier League is one of the places that has seen an explosion of African talent over the last few decades. Strikers from the continent have been particularly impressive in recent years and are amongst the highest scorers in the league.



The 2017-2018 Premier League Golden Boot award for the top goalscorer went to Mohamed Salah. If Africa’s dominance in this department was in any doubt, it was put to rest the following year. That’s because Salah was the top goalscorer again but astoundingly tied with Senegal’s Sadio Mane and Gabon's Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. It felt as though these three superstars shared the award not only between themselves, but with all of Africa. It was a proud moment and many believe that one of these players could again pick up the trophy for this season. But who will it be?



- Mohamed Salah: What more can be said about one of the all-time greats? A big factor in the resurgence of the Reds, Salah is the benchmark to which other players strive. Explosive speed, a brilliant tactical mind and dazzling ball skills – Salah is the complete package. No player in the league creates more opportunities. Through all this, Salah retains a tremendous reputation as one of the games true sportsmen.


- Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang: As captain of both Arsenal and Gabon captain, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is a feared leader. On the field as either striker or wide forward, he is always bound to be where the action is hottest. Opponents on the backline never get a moment's reprieve as Aubameyang is a master of capitalizing on the smallest of errors. Heralding from an esteemed footballing family, Aubameyang shines brightly as one of the Premier Leagues leading lights.



- Sadio Mane: Teammates with Salah at Liverpool, this is one player who has risen through the ranks but still seems to be getting better. His love of football is always prominently displayed and appreciated by fans. With humility and grace, he forges ahead as one of the star candidates to be top goalscorer this season. Deemed ‘unstoppable’ by fans and foes alike, this is a player worthy of all the accolades he’s received.


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