Local events and music promoter Balaam Barugahara has decried the rate at which Ugandans are lining up at his door steps seeking for financial assistance given ...the fact of he is too close to President Museveni thereby advising them to stop begging him since he doesn't get anything from state house.

Recently, the CEO Radio 4 was at the forefront of applauding the NRM government for accepting to listen to its critics mention the likes of Full Figure, Eddy Kenzo and Buchaman where they dined and received big envelopes of money from the President affirming that when you bowl to the current regime, your life is never the same just like him and Big Size Bebe Cool but basing on the way things are fairing currently, "Ssabavulu" seems to be eating his own words.

During an exclusive interview with Westnilexpozed, Balaam has reminded the desperate Ugandans always knocking on his door way for financial assistance that he has never ripped any penny from the government for the little time he has been supporting the NRM party apart from investing in the regime.

Balaam believes its high time Ugandans start shouting for the NRM government like Jennifer Full Figure if they are to benefit from its resources.

"I'm pissed off by the big numbers of people who are ever on my neck asking for financial assistance claiming that I'm so close to president Museveni. UGANDANS, stop coming to me begging for money, I too don't have. I have worked for the NRM government for the past four years and demanding over 4 billion shillings..If so, I will then stop supporting president Museveni openly and go back to Masindi to grow sugar canes."

Different figures are at your door steps each and every day begging for money to address their personal problems as if they can't locate where the President's and NRM party offices are. I want to give back to the destitute but I feel enough is enough because I'm also being frustrated. Ugandans begging money from me should either join the NRM party mobilisation groups or emulate the likes of Full Figure and start shouting for the regime so as their needs are attended to!" Lamented the furious Balaam Barugahara.


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