What You Didn't Know About Alur's Fast Rising Music Star,  Yalo Danz

Yalo Danz real names Rwothomio Daniel is an alur fast rising dance hall artiste.


Yalo’s music journey began in 2018 during his senior six vacations with a song titled something, recorded at DCN Records- Nebbi.  The saved all his pocket money to record this song.


However, the song took over 4 months to come out, but just like any upcoming artiste, Yalo was too anxious to have the song released, so, he had to drop the demo instead since the mastered was taking long.



Yalo Danz’s music ambitions did not go well with his family though. His parents and relatives did not support his idea of joining the music industry. They took music as an evil profession that will only destroy him. He faced hard times to raise money to do more recording after his first single until one of his cousin only known as Pius Cletus came to his rescue.


Pius would facilitate Yalo’s transport cost to studios in a bid for him to get some opportunity to record another song to back up his first single. Thank God Nigga Roo of X limit, Nebbi came to his recue and gave another song called 18 and Over that became his second song.


18 and Over received massive airplay on radio stations and gave Yalo more energy to keep his feet in the game. He gave DCN records another visit for his third song Cidhi. He got Producer Rham who had just got back to Nebbi town after his production course with Power Records in Kampala.


Rham did not disappoint. Cidhi became another hit for Yalo.  


After recording the three songs, he thought of taking another step in his music journey.  He was then advised by Okello Jackson to move to Kampala to record with X Records. X records had just opened. Okello saw that X Records would give Yalo the best platform for his music career and expose his talent more.


Yalo landed on Bdong Brian, one of the management of X records. Bdong received Yalo with an open hand and advised him to keep focused since he got talent. Offered him help with is first song Whine Up that blew up his music career. Whine up became the biggest tune in alur land to the extent that, it got a play on other national radio stations.


Rwothomio a.k.a  Yalo Danz’s music career picked up and he started meeting with artists and influencers of the entertainment business in the industry. Artistes like Elton Lover Boy, Astro Lifa, Twisky Fingaz , Cuts B and then he made the God Father of Alur music, Saviour Big Daddy of Radio Paidha. Saviour, as usual, saw the unique talent in Yalo Danz and offered him the platform.


He now has over Eleven songs with bangers like Ewunu , Kudi Weka , Mii Cingi Ft Astro Lifa , Ukurukudu Ft Rappa Blutit and many others.


Yalo is currently under Try management who helps his music as he focuses on his studies at the same time. His parents are still paying him to stay in school though he does music.

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