Rema Namakula's Manager Follow Suit And Also Dumps His Wife Like Rema

Posted on Oct 03, 2019
By Site admin

Singer Rema Namakula’s music manager Ssalongo Geofrey Kayemba Ssolo has reportedly dumped his official wife and has moved on with a new woman.



Kayemba who has been legally married to Nalongo for some good years and their broke up has fallen a deed.



Nalongo still can not believe it that, Kayemba could dump her for another woman after all the years they have been together.



During an interview with a local TV station, the dumped Nnalongo is seen pleading and praying that Ssalongo’s wife-to-be acts as an angel so that she does not repeat her mistakes that led to dumping her.



She has stated that ever since Ssalongo Kayemba became rich, his behaviours changed and he became a totally weird person.



Kayemba has been a music manager Chris Evans Kaweesi and Rema Namakula.

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